Wide Plank Walnut Flooring

Walnut flooring is an American standard well known for its dark brown heartwood, often featuring a warm cast and darker streaks. The color of walnut is so distinctive, that the word "Walnut" itself has come to refer to this deep, rich, and highly sought after chocolate brown.

Unfinished Walnut Flooring Options

Our Unfinished walnut hardwood flooring is available in both solid and engineered plank in widths ranging from 2-1/4" up to 12" wide.  What separates Heidelberg's Walnut hardwood floors from other manufacturers is our exceptional stockpile of walnut lumber sourced exclusively in the Midwest and our higher standards of grading that exceed industry standards for beauty, lengths, and precision milling. 

Walnut Gallery for Inspiration

American Black Walnut

Heidelberg Wood Flooring’s Walnut is sourced in the Midwest Region from states including Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.   The Walnut is air dried, steamed and kiln dried.  Un-steamed walnut is available for special order.  The reference to light sapwood percentages in each grade refers to the overall percentage of the entire assembled floor and not just individual pieces.

Clear Grade

Dark Rich coloration that is mostly true heartwood, with darkened sapwood allowed that doesn’t create a prominent contrast. Rare occasions of lighter sap on edges, <2%. May contain the following and other similar characters: 1 small tight knot up to ¼” every 3’; small tight checks; small burls and fine unstained pinworm holes; thin brown streaks 3” in 2’. 

1 Common Grade

Coloration that contains full range of heartwood, darkened sapwood, and light sapwood.  Light sapwood will not exceed 15%.  My contain the following and other similar characteristics: smaller open/broken knots up to ½”; narrow slightly open checks; torn grain (that must sand out); worm holes up to 1/8”; pin worm holes; occasional sound pith; mineral streaks; and unlimited burl.

Select Grade

Dark Rich coloration that is mostly true heartwood, with darkened sapwood.  Lighter toned sapwood allowance is <10%.  May contain the following and other si