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Heidelberg Wood Flooring's products ship all over the world.  It doesn't matter if you are in Indiana or Alaska.  We take great care of package our gorgeous products safely and coordinate delivery to your job site.  If you purchase your product from one of our dealers, your product is shipped to that particular business and local arrangements are made from there.      


Wall Panel and Hardwood Flooring products are packaged into bundles for convenient handling.  Wall Panel products are packaged into 17.5 SF packs that weigh 35 lbs.  Hardwood flooring is packaged into banded bundles that are approximately 25 SF and weigh 75 lbs (bundle size varies depending on width and length structure).

These convenient bundles are stacked on a pallet, secured with multiple steel bands, and shrink wrapped for safety during transit.  

Scheduling Your Delivery

A representative coordinate shipping with you and will schedule the pickup based on the carriers estimated transit time so it arrives when you need it.  Once it arrives to the local delivering terminal, you will receive a call from the local freight terminal to confirm a delivery appointment.  *NOTE* It's best to let the local terminal know that the driver should call you when he's about an hour out to narrow the window you are looking for the truck..

This is curbside delivery, so we recommend you have multiple people on hand to unload the truck. 

Unloading Your Material

Most Wall Panel, Flooring, and Lumber orders are delivered via a common carrier.  These are typically 65 feet long trucks.  For residential deliveries, some carriers have a smaller, 35' version called a "PUP".  This is a curbside delivery service so you cannot expect the driver to carry the material in the house for you. We recommend that you have multiple people on hand to unload the truck depending on the size of your order.  

Wall panel products are 7' max lengths which means the trucks can use a lift gate to lower the material to the ground and if you have a flat surface, the driver can use their pallet jack and roll the material closer to the house.  Hardwood flooring and lumber is much longer (up to 12') and a lift gate cannot be used.  In this case you will use band cutters to open the pallets on the truck and a person will lower each bundle down to the ground.  

Typically 3 capable people can unload 2000 SF of hardwood flooring in about 20 minutes.  Once the material is safely unloaded from the truck, you want to move it into your enclosed, climate-controlled job site.

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