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Reclaimed Oak

About Reclaimed Oak

We acquire all kinds of reclaimed lumber from the heart of the Midwest but our favorite is the tobacco barn siding. Because it was siding, it has a gorgeous silver/gray tone on one side of the board that was exposed to the sun and weather and nice aged brown on the other.

This difference comes in handy for our original face wall panel material to create an all weathered gray look, all antique brown look, or a mix of both. This material has such long lengths and tends to full of wider planks of boards with a predicable nail pattern which makes the denailing process easier.

All of our reclaimed oak material is denailed and kiln dried. Some places might tell you the reclaimed wood has been air drying for the past 30-100 years and has stabilized. That is somewhat true; however, the kiln drying process is necessary to bring the wood to a uniform moisture content just like our new wood products so you have a stable floor and it’s also necessary to sterilize the wood and kill off any pests. Another great benefit of the tobacco barn material is the volume and consistency of supply. When you receive a sample of our products now, you know that it will be the same look even if you order your floor or wall years from now.


I have found that the original saw mark texture and weathering is a little bit too rustic for most customers to walk on. Yes, we have customers that request 100% original texture for their floor but that’s only about 5% of all the reclaimed floors we do. All of our reclaimed flooring get’s cleaned up on the sides for a precise Tongue and Groove Profile as well as the back of the boards so it sits flat. For the face of the wood, we can manipulate how much of the original face is left on the boards through our milling process. We call this a Hit/Miss Saw mark texture. We can either remove all of the original texture for a completely smooth reclaimed floor or just skim the face and leave some of the original texture.

Smooth Face Flooring
Skip Sawn Texture Flooring
Engineered Reclaimed Oak
Solid Reclaimed Oak

Wall Paneling

I found that many customers were using our 3/4" reclaimed flooring for wall accents and came up with this solution to preserve both sides of that beautiful material in its original rustic textured condition. It was important to me to create a precision milled product on the sides and the back for good fit and easy installation. The profile of the Tongue side allows the product to be blind nailed just like hardwood flooring. No Adhesives are necessary. We completely preserve the original face and give just a light sanding to clean up any loose pieces. You get all that beautiful original saw mark texture, weathered knots and rusty nail holes. Through our precision milling process we use for flooring, we created this solid 3/8" Tongue and groove plank that is designed for wall accents. It's available in widths that range from 3" up to 10" wide and random lengths up to 10 feet long. You can choose just one particular width or multiple widths.

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