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SPECIES: White Oak

COLOR: Petrarch

WIDTH (S): 2 1/4-6"

CONSTRUCTION: Solid & Engineered

THICKNESS: 3/4" Solid, 1/2" Engineered

GRADE: Sel/Btr R&Q, Clear R&Q

INSTALLATION: Nail, Glue, Float

TEXTURE: Traditional

White Oak Prefinished Petrarch

  • By adding this product to your sample cart, you will be receiving a few small pieces that represent the product.  Please keep in mind that hardwood flooring is a product of nature and we cannot capture all of its unique characteristics in just a few small pieces.  Please refer to our Buyers Guide for more specific information regarding Hardwood Floor Grades and Wood Cuts.  

  • The price of this product is classified as Economy to Medium.  Learn More

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