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Custom Design Elements

At Heidelberg Wood Flooring, we will embrace your vision and craft a custom wide plank hardwood floor that will complement your unique style and sophistication. The possibilities are indeed endless and our experienced Artisans will listen carefully and work with you to determine the right wood species, surface texture (wire brushed, hand scraped or distressed), edge treatment, color and finish that will bring your vision to life.



When choosing the right hardwood floor, it's easy to choose based on color. However, there are other factors you want to consider such as: Constructions, Hardness, Grade, and Type of Cut.


Construction: Solid or Engineered MORE>> 

Hardness: Measured by the Janka Scale. MORE>>

Grade: How many Natural Characteristics. MORE>>

Wood Cut: Determines Grain Patterns. MORE>>



Traditionally, Hardwood Floors are flat whether it's a job site sand and finish or a typical pre-finished product.  Because Heidelberg Wood Flooring is not your typical hardwood flooring manufacturer, we offer an impressive variety of hand textured flooring along with our traditional offerings.

Smooth Sanded: Heidelberg Wood Flooring's signature Triple Calibration system creates a silky, lustrous finish that is unparalleled by any typical flat finished hardwood floor.

Wire Brushed: A texturing technique that removes the softwood between the growth rings.  This technique can be combined with any other texture and multi-layer coloring techniques for dramatic results.

Hand Scraped: Entirely crafted by hand, our artisans us old world techniques to sculpt each individual plank along the grain patterns to accent the natural flow.  Characteristics include subtle grooves with light chatter and distressing.



Bevel your floor with one of our artfully crafted edge treatments that not only adds architectural interest, but serves a utilitarian function for proper field fitting.


Micro Bevel: Leaves a uniform 45 degree angle approximately an 1/16” edge on all four sides of your plank.

Hand Scraped Edge:  Edges and Ends are gently hand scraped at a 45 degree angle and are generally chattered for rustic ambiance.

Pillowed Edge: A soft, rounded ellipse at the board’s edges accomplished by scrupulous sculpting and hand sanding.



Inspired by an 18th century New England or a special family heirloom?  Our Artisans at Heidelberg will embrace your vision and create an original floor that is yours alone.


The possibilities are indeed endless.  Our products features a large variety of traditional and chic colors, but feel free to challenge us with something original.



Heidelberg Wood Floor finishes create lasting beauty and requires minimal care thanks to today's modern technology in wood floor finish products. The right finish protects wood flooring from wear, dirt and moisture while giving the wood your attractive color and sheen.  For detailed information about our finishes CLICK HERE>> 

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