COVID-19 Daily Statistics for US States 

The Marion Model

All up-to-date daily statistics are available by the efforts the The Atlantic and The Covid Tracking Project.  Also, I have to give special thanks to the mathematical geniuses who helped work out the growth/spread rate formulas which was key to establishing these projections!  During these times of social distancing and isolation, it's important to know your efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 are having a positive effect and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Stay safe and keep up the the good work!  KCCO!


*Click here for our Source Data and other detailed information about these statistics.

*IMPORTANT NOTE*  Although you see the peak coming soon, it will still require a few weeks of the same effort to truly eradicate the virus and get back to normal.  Also, monitoring these 20 states is all we can manage at this time.  Please EMAIL ME and I can add a state you don't see.

*Projected Active cases were determined on Friday April 10th.    The consistent drop along all the states on April 9th represents the first day we removed 2 week old positive tests.  


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