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About Our COVID-19 Statistics

These amazing up-to-date statistics come from The COVID Tracking Project.  All the information comes from state/district/territory public health authorities—or, occasionally, from trusted news reporting, official press conferences, or (very occasionally) tweets or Facebook updates from state public health authorities or governors. *Click Here for More information about the sources and reliability of the data.

About the Statistics/Data

The main reason that we are publishing this data is because we wanted the most accurate and up-to-date information that was not available from traditional news.  Also, we wanted to see how the numbers were trending day-to-day because we know that when there's a consistent decline in the growth/spread rate, we have hope that the curve is flattening. Finally, there's a huge satisfaction in finding a pattern in numbers. We established 5-day and 3-day growth rates based on an advanced Algebra formula (who thought that would be useful again!) which was a major factor that established the patterns.  We found those 5-day and 3-day formulas are different when you factor the removal of 2-week old positive cases to monitor active cases, so the projections are a combination of the growth/spread formulas, active case trends, and a intuition based on the patterns.  Unfortunately, this isn't an exact science as you have probably figured out from conflicting media reports and we are at the mercy of what is being reported.  However,  we feel the projections are indicative of the mathematical trends and we wanted to give people hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel sooner than you think.  

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