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How do I acclimate wood flooring?

Acclimation means that you are allowing wood moisture content to become at equilibrium with the environment

in which it will perform.  This is crucial to quality installation and depends on geographic location, interior climate control and time of year.  *The key to remember is that you need the wood moisture content of the floor to be within 2% of the sub-floor for all wide plank flooring as specified by the NWFA.


Jobsite Conditions
Wood flooring is one of the last jobs of any construction project. Prior to delivery of the wood flooring a site evaluation should be done. Check for the following:
• The building should be completely enclosed.
• All outside doors and windows must be in place and have latching mechanisms.
• Surface drainage should direct water away from the building.
• All concrete, masonry, plastering, drywall, and other wet work should be completely and thoroughly dry
• All texturing and painting primer coats should be completed.
• In warm months, the building must be well ventilated each day.
• Be sure the flooring will not be exposed to extremes of humidity or moisture.
• Interior environmental conditions must be near the average for the geographical area
• Heating and air conditioning systems should be fully operating and running at least 7 days before the installation.
• Basements must be dry.
• Crawl spaces must be dry.



Flooring should be arranged to allow air to circulate through the stack. Allow at least one week and monitor moisture.  You can keep the wood in the opened (open the ends of the boxes) boxes and lay the boxes flat throughout the room if you have room.  If not, you can stack the open ended boxes, however try to stagger the boxes so as much air is exposed to the boxes as possible.  If you have the room, you can take the individual boards out of their boxes and lay them on the floor in the pattern you want them to be installed.


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