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Can I refinish a hand scraped wood floor?

Yes you can!  With our Hard Wax Oil and Natural Oil finishes, refinishing your floor decades down the road is almost as simple as cleaning your floor.  These finishes don't require heaving pre-sanding, just a good buffing to remove any accumulated debris.  When refinishing our UV Oil finishes, pre-sanding/buffing is required.  This creates micro-fissures in the current finish to give the next coat of finish something to bite in to.  This can be done by a professional and involves stacking up maroon pads as well as a little hand sanding.


If you want to completely sand down to raw wood, then you will end up losing your scraped texture.  Sanding equipment is designed to make things flat and smooth.  With a textured surface, the sanders will remove the texture.  Whether you have solid or engineered plank, the wear layer is still thick enough to allow for multiple sandings as the texturing only goes down approx 1/16".  


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